Monday, 7 May 2012

The Court Painter's Apprentice by Richard Knight

The power of a picture
Review by The Mole

Johann is the son of a pub landlord until Hugo finds his work and offers him an apprenticeship. Johann quickly learns to paint what he sees in people and is appreciated for it until one day one lady sitter is disappointed with result and Johann decides to paint what he would like to see in the lady. Suddenly the lady's luck changes, but surely that's coincidence? Potential clients don't seem to think so.

Paintings can be magical and the idea that you could step inside and be part of the story of that painting is one that has been explored before by authors, but this is the first time that I have read one where the painter himself appears to be the magical element. This and Johann's struggle to get recognised by the Guild as a Master Craftsman become an enchanting and entertaining story for the more serious minded of our younger readers.

I also found this book raised certain issues about people's attitudes to the younger person. A very good read that will be enjoyed by girls and boys alike.

Publisher - Catnip Publishing
Genre - Children's 8+ fantasy fiction

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