Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Uncommon Enemy by Alan Judd

Compulsive Spy Thriller
Review by The Mole

Having retired from MI6 Charles has started to write a book and is enjoying a quiet life. A call comes to ask him to return to a new and reformed intelligence service to find an agent that has gone missing. He takes up the request and returns but someone doesn't want him back and he finds himself in gaol for his troubles.

Charles is one of those characters who you immediately like and respect, although later you start to wonder if you have him right. We meet Gladiator, Sarah, Nigel, Sonia and others and in each one we find something to not like about them and you start to feel that these are real people. However the story twists and turns and we start to learn that Charles wasn't asked back to find Gladiator at all - there is another agenda that makes the plot that much more cerebral and brings about comparisons to John Le Carré's works.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and really had every intention of letting it wait on the TBR pile for a while but I made the mistake of reading the first page! It does contain some violence and bloodshed but is not overly graphic. I also felt the last page was essential - thank you for that Mr Judd.

Publisher - Simon & Schuster
Genre -  Adult Spy Thriller, Fiction

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