Monday 11 March 2013

Nananette and the Doldrums by Tania Bramley

Review by The Mole

Nick receives a postcard from Nananette. The problem is two fold the first is that he is five and can't read yet and the second is that he doesn't know anyone called Nananette. Along with Nicky, his sister (yes, parents with no imagination?) they set out to get the trade winds needed to free their new found nanan from the doldrums and so she can get home and they can meet her.

The tale is written in Nicky's voice which at times feels like an adult narrator, although it never patronises the reader but instead adds a little knowledge in a non-lecturing voice. Great fun throughout with colour pictures at the end of each chapter make this suitable for the 8+ reader although the story may be a little young for them. Something I like about this book is that the children don't go off and do non-kid things, in fact they do VERY kid things, things that any child can do (although I would not be encouraging any child to start removing wallpaper from their bedroom no matter how long it's been up!)

With a voice suitable for read aloud, short chapters and enough pictures for sharing this is suitable for bedtime reading.

Publisher - Austin and Macauley
Genre - Children's fiction

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