Friday, 1 March 2013

Dinosaurs In Disguise by Jeanne Willis

Review by The Mole

The second Downtown Dinosaurs adventure starts when Uncle Darwin, a stegosaurus,  has lost his hat and on his hunt for it he sees there is a new carnivorous dinosaur in town. A big one! Bigger than any that he has seen before. Dippy has gone missing and Beastwood is hunting him down. This is not a good time for Darwin to get lost in the primeval forest, but he does and his family go to look for him - disguised as trees!

Zany, engaging and very funny is the quick summary of this book. It won't teach children about dinosaurs (although there is a guide to pronunciation in the back), the pictures (of which there are many and are cartoon like in black and white) don't look like real dinosaurs and dinosaurs didn't really talk English and live in houses. What it will do is entertain young readers and encourage them in their reading and make sure that they enjoy it too. But parents should always be sure about what their children read so why not read it first? I'm sure you will enjoy it too. I did!

Publisher - Piccadilly Press
Genre - Children's 8+, Fiction

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