Friday, 29 March 2013

The Feral Child by Che Golden

review by Maryom

"Maddy is fed-up. Since her parents died, she's been stuck with her grandparents in the tiny village of Blarney. She's sick of Ireland, sick of her stupid cousins, and, most of all, she's sick of her granddad's ridiculous stories about the faerie people who live in Tír na nÓg. But as Halloween approaches, strange things start to happen in the village. And when the little boy next door disappears, Maddy begins to think her granddad's stories aren't so silly after all... And so, Maddy and her cousins Roisin and Danny set off on an incredible journey to a land ruled by an ancient and powerful evil; a land of breathtaking beauty and deadly dangers; a land no adult dares to venture, even to rescue a child. To face evil as old as earth takes courage as bold as youth. "

The Feral Child is an exciting fantasy adventure for the 9+ age range set partly in the real world of Blarney but mainly in the faery land of Tir na nÓg. Here, faeries and the weird and wonderful creatures of Celtic mythology come to life; some are helpful; most are terrifying.

Maddy is a very rebellious sort of heroine - she doesn't fit in with her grandparents - and doesn't want to! So if granddad says 'Don't go near the castle at night', then Maddy is drawn there and if granddad says 'Don't have anything to do with the faery folk', then Maddy's bound to take them on! This kind of spirit that's needed though to enter the faery mound and attempt to rescue an abducted child. Her irritating cousins tag along out of nosiness but prove they're more helpful and dependable than Maddy realised.

An adventure filled with peril and excitement with some scary passages.  The creatures of Tir na nÓg are not to be confused with kind picture book faeries. Younger more sensitive readers may find some of the violence disturbing.

Maryom's review - 4 stars
Publisher -
Genre - Children's 9+ Fantasy

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