Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Blue Files by E M Higgins

Review by The Mole

When crop circles start appearing in local fields the new girl on the block, Margaret, is sent by the local newspaper to do a report. Taking the circles very seriously she starts a chain of events that will lead to Elliot Dayton's murder many years later - a death he expects and almost welcomes. But how many others will die and what is the meaning of the crop circles? The story leads us to secret airbases in the desert and military leaders with no seeming accountability and people with their own agendas working against each other.

Higgins' first book "Remote Control" was a story based on American military experiments from the cold war. This story starts back in the 1930's and it sort of covers the Roswell Incident - but only very loosely. The story feels very original and I would classify it as a sci-fi thriller because while there are aliens and stuff mentioned the emphasis is more on the thriller.

It very quickly grabbed me and kept pulling me along but it was a bumpy journey because the proof reading, sadly, lets it down all too often. Distracting as this was it couldn't keep me away from the story. There were also a couple of times when the writing could have been a little stronger and this took what could have been a truly great thriller down to the ranks of a very good one.

And the ending? A really nice twist - which could lead to a sequel but I'm not sure that's Higgins' style.

A very good book and thoroughly enjoyed!

Genre - Sci-Fi thriller

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  1. I'd like to be the character of this book. I am very interested in crop circles.

    1. It's about much more than crop circles - they are used as a device. You need to read it.