Monday, 7 October 2013

A Foot in the Grave by Joan Aiken and Jan Pienkowski

Review by The Mole

This collection of short stories was originally published in 1989 for readers of 10 and older. Each one has a supernatural twist which will send a shiver down the reader's spine. These are not drawn out tales of horror but a quick twist at the end that leaves you thinking. I know it left me thinking about weeds on the allotment!

Once you realise these stories are not meant to terrify, but just to shock then you can settle down to enjoy each and every one of them. And just maybe, like me, you may be amused by some of the twists and not just chilled.

The illustrations, which are full colour and generally one per story, are haunting and well drawn for each tale.

The publisher says 10+ and I would agree that if anyone about 10 enjoys a bit of a ghost story then they will certainly enjoy these but with few of the stories actually involving children this is equally a collection for adults.

The whole look and feel of this book is a very nice one and it's a book to want to own. If you have presents to buy and someone on your list likes ghost stories then this could be the perfect gift.

Publisher - Jonathan Cape
Genre - Short stories, Ghosts

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