Friday, 4 October 2013

Alternative Reality News Service Guide to Love, Sex and Robots by Ira Nyman

Review by The Mole

"Relationships are hard. And, when you find yourself in a new, unusual situation, who can you turn to for advice? Other than your Priest, Rabbi or Ventrosian Blitzvoort, I mean. And, your shrink. Arguably, you should definitely be asking your shrink for advice. Oh, and, come to think of it, your Aunt Bertha (because every family has a sympathetic Aunt Bertha. Okay, there are lots of places you can go for advice. But, if your Ventrosian Bliktvoort stops returning your calls, your shrink is away at an academic conference talking about his paper on your "condition" and your Aunt Bertha is no longer welcome at family gatherings because of the guacamole incident, there's always Amritsar and the Tech Answer Guy. For the first time, the Alternate Reality News Service has collected the wisdom of its award pining advice columnists in a single volume, the Guide to Love, Sex and Robots. Read through these pages to see if your particular problem is addressed. Amritsar and the Tech Answer Guy may not be your Aunt Bertha, but who among us is? REMEMBER: if you have a burning personal issue that you need help with, you can write Amritsar or The Tech Answer Guy at: Neither of them may be Deepak Chopra, exactly, but who among us, including Aunt Bertha, is?"

This is a little like a joke book in that is there are lots of short 'letter exchanges' between the agony aunts and readers. The readers though are not all human or from earth or even from this universe. This opens up the possibilities of some really crazy exchanges on subjects you may have never even conceived of.

Always amusing, often funny and sometimes laugh out loud, this book is one that I found I enjoyed most when picked up, read on a few exchanges and then put down again. But that may be just me.

Whatever, this is not a book to take seriously so just enjoy it and if you like the author's sense of humour then you will love his "Welcome to the Multiverse". It's a sense of humour that I appreciate.

Publisher - Aardvarks Eyes Press
Genre - Adult humour, Sci-Fi

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