Friday, 11 October 2013

Confessions of an Undercover Cop by Ash Cameron

Review by The Mole

Joining the police force in the 1970, Ash Cameron went from beat cop rookie to undercover veteran. Her career is a chequerboard of humour, sadness, injury, failure and triumph and gives an insight into what a policeman's work life is a little bit like. Unlike TV where the story focuses on long running, dynamic and exciting cases and then focuses on how the job wrecks personal lives - this book concentrates only on the job, unless it directly affected her off duty hours.

Later, when the Met was broken into smaller units and policy changed, Ash changes jobs, starts a family and the reader gets the feeling that the end is approaching - not because the pages are getting fewer (although they are) but she sounds less content in her work and more stressed.

With short snappy chapters there is no single thread that ties you down to the book and you can read each chapter almost stand-alone as a 'sketch'. I was at times left surprised at procedures, amused by incidents and infuriated by people.

A very enjoyable read that will appeal to a very broad spectrum of readers, and even some 'non-readers' if they give it a go.

Publisher - The Friday Project
Genre - Autobiography

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