Monday, 14 October 2013

Spies in Disguise: Boy in Tights by Kate Scott

Review by The Mole

When Joe gets home from school he finds his life in a small suitcase and his parents tell him that they are moving house - in 30 seconds. With only 30 seconds he grabs an armful of his favourite Dan McGuire books and is bundled into a car that they don't own and driven off at speed, by his mother who has always obeyed every traffic law, to a motel. It's there that they break the bad news that they are spies and he must change his identity for the sake of the family - to become a girl! Within hours they are climbing out of the motel window, getting into another car they don't own to move to another location. And what's with all the gadgets in the cars? This could be fun if it wasn't a nightmare!

You often read a book, particularly a children's book, and are surprised how far you can suspend disbelief. Could any young boy 'become' a girl with just a weekend to practice? But Scott has you convinced that he is making a good job of it with Joe/Josie - and he's hating every minute of it! The story becomes full of gadgets, friendship, plans and cunning, keeping the reader interested and reading.

As an adult I enjoyed this book and it's target audience (6+) will, I am sure, absolutely love it. The young readers that seem to have commented have been boys but it would interesting to hear a girl's opinion too. Although it is '6+',  it will appeal to any child that picks it up, I'm sure, but I suspect teens may keep it quiet! It's also a book that will have the readers waiting for the sequel!

Publisher - Piccadilly Press
Genre - Children's (6+) Spy Story

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