Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Knightley & Son by Rohan Gavin

Review by The Mole

Darkus is a somewhat remarkable 13 year old boy. His father, a private investigator, is in a coma for some inexplicable reason and Darkus is waiting and hoping to see him wake from the coma. He has been studying his father's case notes and is sitting beside the bed discussing the cases to try to wake him. When he does finally waken then there is no-one there to witness it and he goes missing. And so the weirdness starts as, using his father's case notes, Darkus tries to stop the secret organisation called The Combination. The Combination has gained control of an ancient book containing a power that enables them to manipulate people, ordinary people who read a best selling book called The Combination, and have them commit crimes they would not normally contemplate.

Alan and Darkus Knightley - the father and son team - are two characters I just couldn't warm to. Alan has a personality that is flat and charmless yet arrogant and Darkus is no better for most of the book despite the naivety that he also shows - although towards the end this does improve. The real characters in this book are Uncle Bill - the head of a top secret police unit - and Tilly, Darkus's step sister.

Don't misunderstand though, I did enjoy the book and I'm sure the characters will develop in later books as the team investigate other crimes - hopefully still with Tilly's help and Uncle Bill's of course.

Publisher - Bloomsbury
Genre - Children's fiction

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