Thursday, 3 April 2014

Leigh Russell - Blog Tour for Fatal Act

Today, to celebrate the publication of Fatal Act we will have a couple of separate posts, the first of which is about the series leading up this, the sixth book. Read on as we also have an extract of the book for you to read - but come back later too to read about the terrors of browser history.

Fatal Act is Leigh Russell's sixth and latest book in the Geraldine Steel mystery crime thrillers. The Mole was fortunate enough to be invited to review the first Geraldine Steel mystery (Cut Short) for Nayu's Reading corner and he's have been lucky enough to review each one so far. He doesn't 'follow' too many detectives or mystery writers but Geraldine and Leigh are exceptions to both these rules.

Leigh's books are now translated into French, Italian and Turkish as well as German and even American (well, some translation is usually needed for the American market).

The next four books were Road Closed, Dead End, Death Bed and Stop Dead each of which brought forth a new and more sinister crime while keeping us abreast of Geraldine's turbulent personal life and progression to the Met.  

Stop Dead has been nominated for The People's Book Prize so why not slide over there and give it a vote - it well deserves your support!!

And now comes Fatal Act - the sixth in the series. I have to admit that as yet I haven't had chance to review it - although I hope to shortly. But the synopsis reads...

"A glamorous young TV soap star dies in a car crash. Returning for her sixth case, Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel is baffled as the driver of the second vehicle miraculously survives - and vanishes. Another young actress is murdered and, once again, the killer mysteriously disappears. Geraldine unwittingly risks her sergeant's life in their struggle to track down a serial killer who leaves no clues."

Which sounds intriguing enough but here's an extract to further whet your appetite...

"All she wanted to do now was get home safely. She drove slowly, looking out for a side road she could turn into. With luck she could slip away before her pursuer realised what she was doing. She passed a turning on the right, displaying a no entry sign. She braked abruptly. Her phone flew off the passenger seat. The van slowed down behind her. Worn out and stressed, she couldn’t even remember why she had been so angry with Piers. It had been a stupid argument in the first place. She wished she was back at home, away from the road at night and its wildness. Leaning forward to retrieve her phone from the floor, she punched Piers’ speed dial key. His phone rang, but there was no answer. She glanced in her mirror and glimpsed the other driver, his face a black mask in the darkness."

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