Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Over the Hills and Far Away Collected by Elizabeth Hammill

Review by The Mole

Every small child needs a really good collection of nursery rhymes and here is such an anthology. With many old traditional favourites as well as some from around the world,this collection of 150 is brought together and illustrated by 77 different artists from around the world most of who have become household names as either illustrators or artists in their own right.

Collected together by Elizabeth Hammill the sale of this book supports Seven Stories, National Centre for Children's Books whose aim is to save, celebrate and share Britain's literary heritage for children.

Many of my childhood favourites are featured as well as some that have slipped into current culture from overseas, making this an excellent collection but the illustrations take it one stage further. Because so many artists have added their own illustrations each page turned is a new experience and idea. Sometimes one picture fits two rhymes (Old King Cole/Hector protector) in a clever union and in other cases it's one per poem. My favourite? Am I allowed a Favourite? It has to be Old Mother Hubbard.

If you are looking for a present for a young child then you could do no better than this - and it has a seasonal robin on the front cover!

Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre -children's nursery rhymes

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