Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Salt and Stone by Victoria Scott

Review by The Mole

The second book in the Fire & Flood series (with Fire & Flood also being the title of the first).

The story starts halfway through the brutal, cruel and deadly race (the Brimstone Bleed) where each contender is racing for a chance to get the cure to a disease that each has a different relative dying of. They didn't choose to enter the race because it's not a coincidence that their relatives are infected and can they survive the race, let alone win it?

This is very much a sequel and it's important to start reading from book 1 to get the full understanding of where the story starts and how we got to where we are.

The story is told from Tella's point of view so it's a safe bet that she'll make it to the end but Scott is not above killing off characters so assume nothing about anyone. I'm also not sure that Scott likes her main character anymore so the race is not getting any easier on Tella and if it's one thing a character needs then it's got to be an author on their team!

In book 1 I suggested that I found Tella too needy and that she wasn't a strong character - well that's all changed. She's now a strong character binding and leading a group and competing with Guy as leader - and winning.

Tense to the end - and not the end I had expected - we are left wondering about book 3. There has to be a book 3? But can the direction change as much as we are led to believe and how can the author convince me, the reader?

Publisher - Chicken House
Genre - YA dystopian, action adventure

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