Monday, 12 December 2011

Are We Nearly There Yet? by Ben Hatch

Travelling with Kids
review by Maryom

"They were bored, broke, burned out and turning 40. So when Ben and his wife Dinah were approached to write a guidebook about family travel, they embraced the open road....
...featuring deadly puff adders, Billie Piper's pyjamas and a friend of Hitler's, it's a story about love, death, falling out, moving on and growing up, and 8,ooo miles in a Vauxhall Astra."

Although that's the promotional line, I felt it didn't really describe the book. I'd been expecting an hilarious account of the pitfalls of holidaying with tiny children, made worse by the long time - 5 months - spent on the road. But the start of their epic journey coincides with Ben's father falling ill and the account of the family's trip is interspersed with reminiscences exploring their father/son relationship. Interesting and moving, maybe, but not, I felt, "what it says on the tin."
Despite the many testimonials from celebrities about the hilariousness of the book, it didn't really find my funny spot. There were occasional laugh-out-loud moments but it wasn't the constant rib-tickling event I'd expected.

Warning - contains fairly frequent strong language

Maryom's review - 3 stars
Publisher - Summerdale
Genre - Adult,
Non Fiction, Autobigraphy

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