Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Until Wishes Are Fulfilled By Michael Alexander

Seasonal Read
Review by The Mole

Following a car accident, Holly's mums has been in a coma for some weeks and both Holly and her father, Sam, are almost moving in a daze. They are trying to get on with life but apart from being nearly Christmas it's also nearly Holly's birthday as well and Sam needs to get her a present. In his daze, while shopping, he bumps into an old man who points him at the ideal present - but it is rather a special present. Little does Sam know though of the perils he is exposing Holly and her friend Georgina to by buying her this present.

I have to admit to having loved this book and not really understanding the 'why' of it. The story is not all chasing from the bad guys, or all death and mayhem but is sensibly paced and almost genteel with a fair amount of tension and menace thrown in! Amongst the danger and wonders that Holly experiences we enjoy a fair few highs and lows but the lows are not the kind to leave the reader in tears. And as this book is aimed at the younger reader it is not a surprise that it leaves the reader with a warm glow as the last pages turns.

Although aimed, I believe, at the 10+ reader this book would happily suit the 8+ reader age group as well. And I will admit to being above this age group and I really enjoyed it as well!

Publisher - Upfront Publishing
Genre - 8+, fantasy

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