Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lost Souls: The Cube of Asgard by Kevin Oxland

Psychic adventures!
Review by The Mole

Spencer keeps having episodes, when he loses his temper, where strange things happen and he blacks out. These episodes are getting worse when he is taunted by a stranger and his dog to enter an old building, a building his grandmother forbids him to enter. Like all young boys such warnings add to the curiosity and with a friend from school, Frankie, they get whisked off to some remote place with no way to return home.

Will this be their undoing and how will what is happening to Spencer help him?

I would start by saying that the early stages of the book are very unlike the latter. During the early part I truly wanted to keep giving the author a swift kick! The reason is he was using plot devices that appear in other books - books that I have read - and when I read a book I want to read something new. So why did I read on and not just throw it to one side? Well there was something behind it that was just his, but in the early part it's not very obvious. When he gets into the swing of story telling, telling his own story, then he tells it well and the plot moves quickly holding your interest and attention and leaves you waiting for book 2. I do hope though that we don't see the errors that I felt existed in Michael Scott's "Nicholas Flamel's" stories.

The books to which I refer have now mostly been published for ten or more years, books that I read to my daughter as a child, so today's young reader may not see the reference but I recommend that when reading this book you should have a rag doll beside you and each time something that reminds you of another book annoys you then stab the doll with a pin! This should help to remind the author to plough his own furrow because he can do a good job when it's all his own.

A most enjoyable story and a different ending, one that came as a surprise to me!

Publisher - Peachstone Publications
Genre - Childen's, Fantasy

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