Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Get Ahead Fred by Daisy Dawes

Get Ahead, Get A Hat
Review by The Mole

Fred has an obsession - hats! We are told, in rhyme, about the some of the many hats he has and why he decides to get the biggest hat that he can find for a special occasion. Unfortunately this proves to be an unwise move and we find out why all the cats sleep in hats.

Using models in the style of Postman Pat and many other children's favourites, rather than cartoons, the author has illustrated this tale as well as crafted the verse.

A very easily read book for the early reader and one where they will learn the names of many different types of hats. But putting the vocabulary to one side, it is a fun book with bright and attractive pictures that kids will really enjoy and that's what books must always be about.

Publisher - Maverick Books
Genre - Children's Early Reader

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