Thursday, 1 December 2011

Time Traveller Sarah Lacey by Elizabeth Dye

Time travel can be addictive!
Review by The Mole

Sarah is frightened of water and is attending special swimming classes, which she dreads, when she is contacted by Anniz, a time traveller, who recruits her to travel to the further past, an area he cannot reach. Sarah expects to see great great historical events but instead is thrown into events that bring her face to face with some of her greatest fears!

This book in the series looks at some of the working conditions and ways children were treated in industry - namely mining. While the author makes it plain how terrible conditions and treatment were she doesn't set out to frighten her target audience of 8+  readers, but simply to ensure that they are horrified without being reduced to tears!

While the book is informative - and that fact must not  be ignored - it is not at the expense of a well told story that will be enjoyed by its reader just as a simple fiction book. An extremely good balance of story telling and education for the 8+ readers and one that they will thoroughly enjoy!

Maryon read and enjoyed "Alex McLean - Time Traveller by Morag Ramsey" in the same series.

Publisher - Seven Arches Publishing
Genre - childrens 8+,historical, sci-fi

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