Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Camilla Lackberg on Sweden (Sponsored Video)

Meet Camilla Lackberg
Report by The Mole

Camilla Lackberg's latest book to appear in the UK is "The Drowning" and it was read, reviewed and enjoyed by Maryom. "The 'real' detective is Erica. In a friendly, gossipy way reminiscent of Miss Marple, she chats to people and teases out the secrets they wouldn't reveal to her policeman husband, Patrik. An interesting new 'find' in Scandi-crime reading and an author I'll be reading more from."

Camilla Lackberg has actually written 12 books of which "The Drowning" is the 6th to appear in English. The seventh to appear in English will be The Lost Boy and it will appear here in 2013. But since her first book "The Ice Princess" appeared in Sweden in 2003 she has sold 10 million books into dozens of countries!

Camilla Lackberg's books come at a time when a lot of Scandinavian crime writers are enjoying success in translation into languages around the world. It does beg the question "What is so special about Scandinavian crime fiction all of a sudden?".

It's also important to remember that Lackberg's books have not been televised here in the UK, yet they are still hugely popular. Clearly they stand on their own merit as stories and have developed a fan following of Detective Patrick Hedström and writer Erica Falck, in fact some readers read as much for the relationship of Hedström and Falck as for the crimes themselves - now that clearly indicates a fan following of characters that people can truly identify with.

In this short sponsored video, Lackberg talks a little on what she believes the foreign view of Sweden is like and how she see Sweden.
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