Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Meg the Egg by Rita Antoinette Borg

Finding courage under pressure
Review by The Mole

Mother Hen has 3 eggs and two hatch out. She worries that the third will go on the rubbish tip if it doesn't hatch quickly. Meg doesn't want to hatch because the world sounds a frightening place and she is scared by it.

When a fox comes calling though, courage is called for but can she do it?

This is a delightful picture book that shows courage and ingenuity in beautiful, clear drawings and simple language - a language that brings the sounds of a farmyard to life -  that suits both early readers and reading aloud with the children joining in with the farmyard noises.

This book is a bound to delight young readers, but as it is self published then it's availability is really only on the web which means you would have to go to Amazon and such places to buy it - bit of a nuisance but that's life! We also reviewed this (because it's a picture book) as a PDF so haven't actually handled it.

Publisher - Self Published
Genre - Picture Book, Early Reader

Look inside and buy Meg the Egg from Amazon

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