Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Talk to the Tail by Tom Cox

Review by Maryom

Tom Cox returns with another series of anecdotes about his cats - and other animals. He tries to understand the delights of horse-riding, discovers the pleasure of borrowing a dog for walkies and gets side-tracked from rallying to go chase ostriches!
There's more of the author's own life this time - from teen years with his country life obsessed father to the breakup of his long term relationship with fellow cat 'owner' Dee. The cats are still the stars - whether the Cox household moggies or those of friends and neighbours.

What makes this book stand out among all the many other compilations of pets anecdotes?  Well - it's funny and, above all, honest. Tom Cox is not remotely sentimental about his cats - he doesn't see them as cute cuddly darlings. He's well aware of the darker - if not plain evil - side of their nature. He knows they're a pain, or 6, and isn't afraid to say so - while finding the funny side of most of their antics, without which I suspect he'd be tearing his hair out.

These cats are not one big happy family but more like a gaggle of teens with feuds and friendships, squabbles and BFFs. Their antics and misdemeanours provide endless hours of bemused entertainment for their 'owner'.

The not quite domesticated aspect of cats is something that fascinates Cox, realising that the image cats present to him isn't all. They have a secret life out beyond house or garden that no mere human can fully appreciate. Rather like bad flatmates or teens, cats share your house, expect you to clean and cook for them but never tell you where they've been out to or who with.'Talk to the Tail' sums up their attitude admirably!

A book I thoroughly enjoyed, even when it brought a tear to my eye. One I'd whole-heartedly recommend to anyone, not just cat-lovers.

Maryom's review -  4.5 stars
Publisher - Simon & Schuster
Genre - non-fiction,

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