Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Another Life by Keren David

The Truth From Archie
Review by The Mole

Archie manages to get himself expelled from boarding school and Ty is sentenced to a spell in a young offenders institution while going under the name Luke Smith.

Archie is worried about Ty and decides to help and find out what really happened. Archie starts to learn of love, family truths and the hard knocks of life. The truths Archie starts to learn are not the ones he expected and he starts to doubt Ty but needs to hear what really happened from Ty in order to believe it.

One of the great things about book festivals is that publishers do an early limited release of books at them and although not published until 6th September 2012 Another Life was available and Keren David was signing books in the bookshop after  reading and talking about it - double whammie! There may still be books on the shelf at the book festival this week if you are quick!

Written with two voices I was amazed at how easily and distinctly the reader knows whose voice is being used at the start of each chapter. I have found this with authors that write in accents but David hasn't done that - even when Archie is being 'chav' she still doesn't resort to accent and I was seriously impressed!

As with When I Was Joe and Almost True I found putting this book down difficult and found my loyalties between Ty and Archie changing regularly. David says that while she wrote him in Almost True as an unlikeable chap, she enjoyed writing Archie in Another Life and grew to like him.

A really enjoyable sequel to the series of books and every bit as good as the first. A must for readers of contemporary teen fiction.

Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre - Teen/YA Contemporary Fiction

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