Saturday, 4 August 2012

Grandma Bendy - Blog Tour

The Mole read, and loved, Izy Penguin's tale of Grandma Bendy and we are pleased to be included in the blog tour. Here we learn about Grandma Bendy and Izy.

Grandma Bendy is Izy Penguin's first picture book and certainly wasn't inspired by her own Gran, who far from sliding down the banisters, used to walk down the stairs backwards, but from a real life yoga teaching (young) grandma. 

Izy was born in Hexham, a small town in Northumberland and started making up tales from an early age, even convincing her neighbour that there was a witch living in the shed of next doors garden.

Izy studied an advertising & graphic design degree at Manchester Metropolitan University before moving to London, where she currently works as an advertising creative. This means she gets to think up ideas for adverts and keep her writing and illustrating skills up to scratch everyday. 

Before Grandma Bendy, Izy illustrated and wrote books (and the odd silly rhyme) for her friend’s children, before finding a publisher 5 years later! 

Also now available on The NOOK in the US and Canada, Grandma Bendy is looking to become truly global.  

And our thanks to Izy and Maverick Books for this opportunity.

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