Thursday, 23 August 2012

Torn by Cat Clarke

Review by The Mole

Tara is mean one too many times on a school activity holiday, when she humiliates Polly by making sure the whole school trip hears of an incident while pot-holing. Cass is fuming and is determined to dish out some humiliation to Tara. Recruiting Polly, Rae and Alice she devises a plan that will surely do it. Unfortunately things don't go to plan and Alice finds herself between a rock and a hard place.

I shall put my hand up (as I did to Cat Clarke at the Edinburgh International Book Festival) and say that I had no plan to read this while we were away - simply because I had others I planned to read that were removed from the packing at the last minute. [Any suggestions on ereaders and I will happily send an address for you to post one to! ;-)] But - most importantly - I LOVED it. Yes, I may not be the target audience but so what?

I quickly found myself wanting to shake some of the people in the story. Not 'characters' because they were just so real and believable. It's difficult to say more without giving spoilers except to say that it certainly will get you thinking and probably have you taking sides in it all.


Publisher - Quercus
Genre -
teenage, YA, Fiction

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