Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympic Flames by Emma Lee Potter

review by Maryom

At only 22, Mimi Carter is the youngest member of the British Olympic Show-jumping team - and the only woman. She's worked her way up to this position the hard way, through mucking out stables just to be around horses and now she can hardly believe her luck to have been chosen for the Olympic team. The one fly in the ointment is the sudden reappearance of ex-boyfriend US show-jumper Jack Stone who walked out on Mimi 4 years ago without a word of explanation. She's determined that he's not going distract her from her Olympic dream but how long can she resist him? All is going well and Mimi's dreams look like coming true till her horse is spooked by a protester and Mimi ends up in hospital. Is this the end of her Olympic dreams?

Olympic Flames is a story of love and horses that should appeal to anyone, adult or teen, passionate about horses. There's enough explanation of horsey-jargon to not leave 'outsiders' flummoxed but not so much as to get in the way. At 60 pages there isn't time or space for in depth character and plot development but it's an enjoyable light 'chick lit' read to fill in the gaps between Olympic events.


Since I read and reviewed this novella, it's had a change or two - a new cover and a new name.

Publisher - Endeavour Press
Genre - teen/ adult fiction,  chick lit/rom com

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