Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Armageddon: The Musical by Robert Rankin

Review by The Mole

The Earth is a live TV program on the planet Phnaarg but Earth is post apocalyptic and is, itself, focussed just on TV programs. But the problem is that the ratings on Phnaarg are dropping and while there is a 'non intervention' policy it appears there has been intervention in the past and and the station directors are persuaded to do it again. Enter Rex Mundi, Elvis Presley and the Time Sprout! The outcome might have been very different if Christeen hadn't invited herself along to the party - but of course her brother had to come along too!

This is not a new book - sorry but sometimes you have to take the opportunity when it arises. I became a Rankin fan in 2005 after Waterstones said 'if you like Tom Holt then you will like Robert Rankin' and I did and do. This book was originally published in 1991 so I have come to the stories late and there is a lot of catching up to do.

The story dashes from time zone to time zone, planet to planet and character to character with a dizzying speed that seems to never pause. The whole story is one big humorous event so if you want a serious Sci-Fi that has true integrity then look away now.

Brilliant and well worth taking time out for a change of style.

Publisher - Corgi Books
Genre - Adult, Sci-Fi, Comedy

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