Monday, 14 January 2013

Tich Vampire Hunter by Pete Barrett

Review by The Mole

It's another boring day for Tich and his gang so they go off to visit the graveyard. There they find a mausoleum door slightly ajar so decide to return at midnight to investigate further.

The investigation ends up with the local butcher, a Mr Dracula, being awoken from the dead to resume his vampiric activities. Soon the whole school, apart from Tich and his gang, are vampires and it's up to them, as they started this, to end it. Finally we want to know if Tich ends up with the girl of his dreams?

The cover presents this story as "wonderfully weird and wacky" and certainly that is a very good summary. The writing style, vocabulary and presentation suits it's target readership very well and the story is one of those extraordinary fantasies that children embark upon inside their heads and so will appeal. The idea of pushing wooden stakes through the hearts of vampires sounds gruesome but Barrett has done it in a way that is not at all. And the final twist? There is also plenty of comic moments to entertain - something that seems to keep all readers reading, regardless of age.

Well, it's just so well done as to make the reader stop and smile and enjoy the book that little bit more.

Publisher - Playbackbooks
Genre - Children's fantasy fiction 7+

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