Friday, 18 January 2013

The Perfect Flower Girl by Taghred Chandab & Binny Talib

Review by The Mole

Amani is to be a flower girl with her sister at her Aunt Sarah's Lebanese Muslim wedding. The excitement is immense and she is practising  her role at every opportunity. There is so much to do and, to Amani, so little time and it has to be perfect.

The underlying colour of this lovely picture book is pink. Very pink. It is, quite clearly, one for young girls.The numerous pictures on each page are simple and sweet and the complementing text is in easily accessible language that makes it an easy reader, add to all that the beautiful sparkly stars on the cover and it's a very attractive book. Most young girls want to attend a wedding and have a part to play in it and while in the UK this is frequently the role of bridesmaid, this book explains that young girls have a similar role in Muslim weddings and that the girls involved get just as excited as any bridesmaid.

Does it all work out well for Amani? Well, have a read for yourself.

Publisher - Allen and Unwin
Genre - Children's Picture book

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