Monday, 7 January 2013

Don't Judge Me by Linda Strachan

Review by The Mole

A group of teenagers out on the street of an evening and there is a fire in a flat. It's arson and someone is critically ill. Did one of the teenagers do it and if so which? There is no shortage of motives but surely there is only 1 person responsible?

Strachan has done it again - a story that brings real teenagers to the page, caught in situations that they really find themselves, showing decision making, reasoning and judgements that they actually make.

As I read this I witnessed the teenagers judging their peers and found myself party to those judgements. The thing was the only evidence we saw was even less than circumstantial. And when we finally learn what really happened - and everything falls into place - we suddenly understand the thinking of the teenagers and that our judgements were unfair.

Another excellent story of contemporary issues affecting the young adults of today.

Publisher - Strident
Genre - YA, crime fiction

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