Friday, 7 October 2016

Mind Writer by Steve Cole

illustrated by Nelson Evergreen

review by Maryom

Luke has always been able to guess what other people were thinking - to know the answers to the teacher's question, or the moves other football players were about to make - but now he can hear actual thoughts, and it's like having someone shouting at him all day. Then he meets Samira, the one person whose mind is closed to him - and not only that, she seems intent on taking over control of Luke's thoughts!

Mind Writer is another excellent book with masses of reader-appeal from publishers Barrington Stoke. The plot revolves around a boy who can read minds - which turns out to be less fun than you'd imagine, and that's before a demon tries to take over his mind! Events move quickly, grabbing and keeping the reader's attention, and the dark, atmospheric illustrations add extra appeal.

An excellent supernatural/fantasy read for the 8-12 age group; it's a little on the spooky side, but not too much so.

Publisher - Barrington Stoke
Genre - children's 8-12, supernatural, fantasy adventure

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