Wednesday 21 June 2017

Some Of Us Glow More Than Others by Tania Hershman

Review by The Mole

Broken down into seven small collections of stories this book came as a surprise to me - but not for that. The stories vary in length from just a few lines to several pages and while unusual not to have average length stories of several pages that too was not what surprised me.

In trying to say what surprised me about this book it could be construed that it is superior to other collections I've read - but it's not. It's different - in a good way but just very different.

The surprise came in the writing style. The writing is for the main part almost like reading poetry while definitely being prose but making all the stories feel soft and lyrical whatever the subject matter. A really easy read that you can pick up for coffee time, read a few pieces and then put the book down again.

Many of the stories are about science and/or scientists (Tania Hershman is a former science journalist) but, before that puts you off, it contains zero science except a few words that are designed to impress (but not you) other characters in stories.

But it also achieves everything I like in a short story - it stops short of telling you everything and lets you finish it the way you would like.

A really excellent collection of short stories that you are sure to enjoy and if you're unsure about the genre then this is an excellent place to start.

Publisher - Unthank Books
Genre - Adult short story anthology 

Some of the author's work has been featured and/or performed on Radio 4.

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