Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Year, New Boots? Julia Bradbury's Railway Walks

Enhanced walking
Review by The Mole

When Maryom reviewed this book she reviewed it as an armchair read, but as the days start to lengthen after the solstice it's time to start getting out and think about losing some of those Christmas kilos. As I have resolutions to try to improve my fitness in 2011 I thought I would review this book from the viewpoint of a practical walker.

One of the walks in the book is the Monsal Trail in Derbyshire, parts of which I know very well and walked as a child.

The books directions are brief but more than sufficient to find your way along these well marked trails and explain something of the geology that the railway builders encountered. It talks about the history of the railway construction but also of the history that immediately surrounds the line.

The book has six walks in along then length of Britain on disused railway lines (as the title implies) and while you can walk the trails without the book the inclusion of it in your pocket will explain much and entertain you along the way. Well worth taking along!

Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre - Adult's Non-Fiction

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