Monday, 10 January 2011

New year - new hobbies Felt Biscuits by Ouissi Gresty

It's a time of year when people vow to try taking up a new hobby - and apparently it's National Hobby Month - so here's the first of a small number of craft book reviews to perhaps get you started on something new -

Felt Biscuits by Ouissi Gresty

Knitted and felted food has so far been a passion that's by-passed me a little but looking through this book has really tempted me to have a go. From felt, thread and wadding Ouissi Gresty has created real, melt in mouth looking biscuits but ones you won't actually want to eat. Guilt-free biscuits! - what could be better.

The actual size of the book may be small - about 17cm square, 80 pages - but contains all the information you need. Equipment, techniques, detailed instructions and accompanying photographs of all the stages, cutting out, surface decoration, sewing together, stuffing - everything is covered. You'll discover how to make your very own felted biscuits - a range including bourbons, shortcake, custard creams - with a felted 'tin' and even the tray that goes inside the tin!

The special thing about the How2Crafts series, though, is that, having made your items, you can post them to the How2 website, share your thoughts on the making process and maybe be lucky enough to have photos of your work included in later editions of the books. I might even submit one myself!

Publisher - How2crafts
Genre -
Adult's Non-Fiction - but easily within the ability of nimble-fingered teenagers and possibly younger children with some basic sewing experience

Felt Biscuits: A Full-colour, Step-by-step, Photographic Guide to Making Classic British Biscuits and a Biscuit Tin from Felt is available from Amazon or direct from the How2crafts website where an e-book version is also downloadable.

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