Saturday, 1 January 2011

Looking back over 2010... (TheMole's reflections)

I don't agree with looking back. Normally. People looking back miss what's in front of them. But sometimes it can be an education.  When we decided to do this I was sceptical but as I looked back at some of the titles I read during the year I thought that it could be fun.  My best book of 2010 was..... well I don't have ONE it would be unfair to say a children's book was better than a YA Fantasy or a Chic Lit compared to non-fiction. What I plan on doing is listing 10 books that have made an impression - a favourable impression - on me.

You have a tendency to favour the books you read last but hopefully that hasn't affected me in my choice.

So, in no particular order....

Shadow Bringer By David Calcutt.

I read other "thrillers" this year but this one REALLY had me believing the terror that our hero felt. I rarely find a book that I wouldn't advise as a bed time reader but this one, for it's target audience is definitely a no-no! Really good book.

When I was Joe/Almost True By Keren David

 Don't accuse me of cheating here.. I said 10 and I am including these as 1 as they join almost seamlessly. Read them in order and as 1. Brilliant story that touches many issues carefully and sensitively.

Firebrand By Gillian Philip

 This book is really something else when it comes to fantasy! We got chance to read and review it early and even got a quote on the cover of the first print run. It has gone to a second print run and now we are only on the back - but the story is still fantastic.

Mortlock by Jon Mayhew

Got chance to review  this book for Nayu's Reading Corner. It was much talked about at the time and I was not disappointed in the slightest when the chance came.

Bad Faith by Gillian Philip

I had already read - and thoroughly enjoyed - Crossing The Line so really looked forward to the chance to read this one. I was not disappointed. Very different to Firebrand or Crossing The Line, underlining Ms Philip's skill.

Wasted by Nicola Morgan

I have to admit that when Maryom explained a synopsis of the plot I was sceptical, but when I started reading I became totally absorbed in this brilliant story. I didn't toss a coin to decide whether to include it today!

A Most Improper Magick by Stephanie Burgis

Just when you think there are no new ideas about magical fantasies...  I found this story to be truly fun and different. Somehow it felt like 'technical' magic??? Please don't ask what that means but watch for the sequel.

Girl 16 Five Star Fiasco by Sue Limb

This story was another surprise. No magic, no fantasy, no world domination. Just the kind of things that modern teenagers may do - organising a dinner dance for charity. But there'll be tears before bedtime. Beautiful story that the modern teenager can identify with.

The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton

I know I warned about the later books I have read being too fresh in my mind but I must include this one. It is a beautiful story and a roller coaster ride of emotions. Without giving anything away.. just read it. Please?

Lee on the Dark Side of the Moon by Keith Charters

And on a final note it would be morally wrong, at this happy time of year NOT to include the funniest book I have read in 2010. It will amuse both old and young alike and totally fails to address the important question:- If there is no noise in a vacuum then why does a vacuum cleaner make so much noise?

And on a totally final note.. I have read many crime thrillers this year and enjoyed them all - no exceptions - but not included them because I chose to limit myself to 10 books. To choose 1 of them I would probably have included them all so take a look through the reviews and consider every one of them my 11th.

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  1. Some very interesting-looking books indeed. Thanks for sharing with us.