Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New year - new hobbies Make your own soap by Joy James

Another little craft book gem from How2crafts
Make your own Soap by Joy James will have you inspired to try this ancient craft. It's the sort of project that appeals to the "Good Life" self-sufficiency freak in me - something that used to be made on every farm but that nowadays has become mainly a factory mass-produced item. The soaps that Joy James shows you how to make in this book are of the highly desirable, scented, flower-decorated, hand-made kind, that sadly cost so much when found at craft markets. There are 3 different 'recipes', all using the 'cold process' method and all can be safely made in your kitchen with some simple precautions. The making process is covered in detail with, very importantly, lots of illustrations of what to do and how it should look at each stage, and, just in case your first efforts didn't turn out brilliantly, a trouble shooting section.
How2crafts believe that craft making should be about sharing ideas, techniques and skills. With this in mind, they encourage readers to join in at the how2 website, upload photos of finished products and share their thoughts on the making process.

The book can be purchased directly from the website

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