Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Mole's Reading Resolutions for 2011

I have not been reading enough lately and am missing it a lot! I have a stack to read and I resolve to read more in 2011.

Ok that's a simple resolution but more specifically I will also join in the Anne McCaffrey Reading Challenge for 2011 reading at LEAST  Freedom's Ransom and Dragon Harper. I am new to McCaffrey so have chosen 2 I can easily put my hand on.

I shall read more non fiction. I have a few in my 'to be read' pile already and I keep wanting to pick them up....

I shall try to be more open minded about reading ebooks. We have a few and now the Derbyshire Library Service is offering them for download for free!

Let's see how that goes and hopefully I will meet all my resolutions.

Update:-  Dragon Harper by Anne and Todd McCaffrey After reading Dragon Harper I visited goodreads and was pleased to find that I am not alone in my opinion of the book.

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  1. Hello!
    Thanks for signing up for the Anne McCaffrey challenge - I hope you will enjoy the two books! I have now added the linky for the first quarter reviews!
    I am aiming to read more non fiction as well in 2011 and get converted to this ebooks business :)