Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Year - new hobbies Tender: Volume 1, A cook and his vegetable patch by Nigel Slater

Cookbook and Gardener's Handbook in one.
review by Maryom

So, was one of your New Year resolutions to eat a healthier diet? maybe eat less meat - whether for health or environmental reasons? to take more exercise? Put them all together and you get - digging your garden, growing your own veg and then eating it!

There are plenty of gardening books out there whether you're a beginner or an expert and plenty of cookery books to match but, in
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Tender: volume 1, A cook and his vegetable patch, Nigel Slater brings the two together in a gardening book written from the cook's perspective. He covers the vegetables he grows in his London back- of - terrace garden from asparagus to turnips with basic sowing and growing information for each vegetable, suggestions on which varieties to grow for performance and taste, and plenty of recipes to use your hoped for glut; for example, there are a dozen recipes for courgettes and their grown-up relative, the accidental marrow, a dozen more for parsnips, eight for pumpkins and over two dozen ways to cook and eat potatoes. Slater is encouraging us throughout this book to stop considering veg as a mere supporting act to meat but to bring them forward into a starring role, though not all the recipes are totally vegetarian.

This definitely falls into the 'big, thick book' category at over 6oo pages filled with mouth-watering recipes and gorgeous photos, and there's a danger that it could be beautiful but unused. Find yourself a copy of Tender, read some of it and you'll soon find yourself wanting to share the delights of fresh-from-the-garden home grown veg.
I received my copy of Tender: volume1 for Christmas last year. There's now a second volume of Tender all about fruit - I have to put that on my wish-list ready for next Christmas!

Publisher - 4th Estate
Genre - Adult's Non-Fiction

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