Tuesday 4 June 2013

Blood Tracks by Paula Rawsthorne

review by Maryom

When her dad dies, 16 year old Gina is the only person to doubt the 'accepted' version of events. Family and friends feel she is too obsessed and in need of help to get over events and move on. Gina won't accept this and believes there has to have been something suspicious about it - and that the person her mum trusts most is somehow responsible. Will her new friend Declan help her uncover the truth or is he hiding more secrets and using Gina for some purpose of his own?

Blood Tracks is another unputdownable teen thriller from Paula Rawsthorne, author of the award-winning The Truth About Celia Frost
When an author writes an enthralling debut, I often wonder how they'll manage to follow it up. Well, however it's done, Paula Rawsthorne has pulled it off!
Blood Tracks is told mainly from Gina's point of view and the story captures how it must feel to believe something is wrong when no one else does. The reader naturally shares Gina's disbelief and her frustration that no one will listen.
Gina is a very determined teenager; she's not going to shut up and pretend everything is ok just because that's more comfortable for others but is desperate to find out what happened and, most importantly, why, despite the danger she might be heading into.
The plot is cleverly constructed and full of twists and ends but with clues and pointers along the way if you're smart enough to spot them. All in all, another cracking read.

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - Usborne
Genre - Thriller, Teen

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