Thursday, 20 June 2013

Arthur and the Mystery of the Egg by Johanne Mercier

Illustrated by Clare Elsom
Translated by Daniel Hahn

Review by The Mole

Arthur finds an egg in the middle of a field with no chicken around to claim it. When he takes it home his family get very excited and call the press in - will we finally get an answer to which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Arthur is a delightful character and is beautifully drawn in the black and white illustrations that are on almost every page. Originally written in French, the story is translated by Daniel Hahn and the language used is easily accessible to children while, at the same time, containing a degree of irony that, should an adult choose to read it to a child, they will get something else from it. The themes that are chosen are also ones that we can all relate to even if we don't actually encounter Yeti tracks every day of the week.

There are several books in the series and the first four each end with a theme that is carried on to the next book so young readers would be as well to start at book 1.

Publisher - Phoenix Yard Books
Genre - Children's early reader (5-7)

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