Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Above the Parapet by Alison Lock

Review by The Mole

This book is a collection of 20 short stories by Alison Lock. She has had stories and poems published in anthologies before and has won  prizes with some of her short stories - which are included here - but this is her first publication of all her own work.

All of the stories are quite short at 5 to 12 pages in length are so are excellent for coffee time reads but the moods tend to be rather dark although they are, very much, an eclectic collection. Most people will find stories in it that they will smile at, identify with, scratch their head at or ponder over.

I have to admit that in a short story I don't particularly go for the 'dark' - more the humour or ponder types so I found many in here not to my taste but each to his/her own. I also found many in this collection I did like and that started with the first "Ashes For Roses" where Armageddon is coming and this may stop Leah from finally beating her husband in the county flower show with her perfect rose. It's a bit dark but humorous with it. But then there is The Hanging Tree which is very short, very dark and I'm not sure I really understood it.

A collection with so many varied stories in is sure to have something for everyone.

Publisher - Indigo Dreams Publishing
Genre - Adult Short Stories

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