Friday, 1 February 2013

Burning for Revenge by John Marsden

Review by The Mole

(The fifth book in the Tomorrow series, started with Tomorrow When the War Began)

Ellie (the narrator of the story) and her gang are now fighting against the invaders of their homeland of Australia in an all out war.

The group of teenagers are becoming mature beyond their years as they take on the role of professional soldiers and trying to keep one step ahead of the enemy all the way.

***Warning *** Suspend disbelief before entering. There are technical details that simply don't work in reality but never fail to work for the gang BUT in this story telling, unlike the first book, it just doesn't seem important. Clearly the story telling in this book has moved on a lot and become a great deal more engaging.

The entire book felt like a TV episode - it didn't feel enough plot for a film - and worked very well. The fact that I've missed three books didn't feel like it mattered - there were references to bits that I'd missed but it didn't feel important - but had I not read book one then I think I would have been totally at sea.

A really enjoyable read that leaves the reader wanting more.

Publisher: Quercus
Genre: Teenage fiction

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