Friday, 15 February 2013

Cat's Cradle by Nick Green

Review by The Mole

The third book in The Cat Kin trilogy sees Tiffany on a mission to stop the illegal trade in big cat parts. The trouble is that Ben would rather not risk splitting his family up again but also doesn't want Tiffany putting herself in danger. With such divided loyalties Ben and Tiffany end up  going it alone to tackle the ancient god Set now that Mrs Powell is dead. The problem is that just two of the Cat Kin against the whole army of the Set have no real chance!

I jumped in and read this book by Nick Green having read neither of the first two books and was very surprised that it can be read as a one off. Having said that while everything needed is explained it leaves you wanting to go back and read the rest. Yes, there are one or two spoilers in this one but they don't feel like big ones. The plot rises and falls with action and then pauses but always manages to hold your attention and enthusiasm. When we get to the end... was I expecting it? I was expecting lots of different things but not that!

The story contains wild action and excitement that felt quite mature at times but will still be loved by it's target audience.

You can read the start of Cat's Cradle in a sampler just here

Publisher - Strident
Genre - Children's action adventure

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