Friday, 24 January 2014

Season To Taste or How To Eat Your Husband by Natalie Young

review by Maryom

When fifty-something, Volvo-driving housewife Lizzie Prain takes a spade one day and murders her husband, she's faced with the sticky problem of what to do with the body. She's determined to not suffer for her action - in fact after 30 long, miserable years of marriage, she feels she's entitled to some freedom - so how to dispose of the evidence? The only way, the 'moral' way, she decides eat it!
Moving on automatic pilot, she hacks it apart with an axe, puts the pieces into carefully labelled bin-liners and pops them in the freezer - as you would any joint of meat. Then comes the horrible task of having to eat it! Still, any meat can taste good if cooked well and presented properly with scented candles for ambiance and a glass (or bottle) of wine to help it down.
Letting people know that her husband has run away with a woman from Guildford, Lizzie embarks on her cunning plan - only hampered by the attentions of her neighbours - handsome young Tom from the garden centre and his senile but nosy grandfather.

Season To Taste is without doubt a bizarre, twisted and darkly funny book, and it's certainly not going to be everyone's cup of tea. I loved it but I think this is a time when you should consult your own tastes rather than accept the word of a reviewer. You need an odd sense of humour and a strong stomach, as Lizzie roasts, stews and barbecues her way through her husband's remains - but I'm not sure what that says about me as I romped through it. The cooking methods are lovingly described; as Lizzie rubs the meat with olive oil and salt, chops the garlic, squeezes the lemons and sprinkles over the freshly chopped herbs, it's easy to forget WHAT she's cooking  - so much so that at times I found myself thinking "that sounds good, I might try it" before remembering Lizzie's choice of meat.
It's all rather Sweeney Todd meets Desperate Housewives with a storyline that would feel more at home in Wisteria Lane in the quiet Surrey countryside, but why shouldn't Britain have its share of eccentrics? If you love the dark and weird, can find the humour in Shaun of the Dead's Winchester zombie battering scene or merely want to step outside your comfort zone temporarily, then this is for you. It's dark and wicked, and mocks our obsessions with appearances and fine dining...... and maybe husbands should beware.

 Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - 
Tinder Press
Genre -
Adult fiction, humour (very dark)

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  1. Excellent review, very funny itself! I'd not read about the book before, I'd only seen the cover and had though it must be a joke. I guess there's humour in it but not the sort I thought!