Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Reluctant Vampire by Eric Morecambe

Illustrated by Tony Ross
Review by The Mole

"A shocking announcement from the Vampire Prince - that he doesn't like blood but prefers chips and a glass of red wine - begins a tale of ghoulish intrigue and hilarious horror. With illustrations by Tony Ross, this re-issue is sure to delight.A tale about an extremely unconventional vampire. This tale of laughter and ghoulish horror for seven and eight year-olds is sure to delight. Here, Eric Morecambe’s customary humour is employed for a young audience."

In many ways the publisher's summary says it all... schoolboy comedy ideally suited to the 7/8 year old young reader capable of competing  with any children's author going. Don't like vampires? Well there's no vampiring in this book, just posturing and threats of violence - and when what little violence in the book does occur it is done in a schoolboy fashion that is sure to offend or frighten no-one. Eric Morecambe, master of family friendly comedy, turned his hand to writing and had lost none of his edge. I read it as an ebook because I wanted to see how well the illustrations worked - having been disappointed with picture books on kindles in the past - and I have to say that they have been done very well and really make the reading very much more enjoyable.

Young children will LOVE this one.

Publisher - The Friday Project
Genre - Children's comedy horror, 7/8 year olds

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