Thursday, 16 January 2014

Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich

Review by The Mole

Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter, is just trying to make a living but why is everyone she tries to return to custody trying to kill her? And what's with the giraffe running around the streets of New Jersey? Torn between her attraction to Ranger and her attraction and loyalty to Joe Morelli her love life isn't in a much better state.

Then Ranger offers a little work on the side in finding out about the granny murderer that is killing old ladies and dumping their bodies in skips (or 'dumpsters') around town. Working with Ranger, trying to catch absconding felons and chasing Kevin (the giraffe) is proving too much - she will give it all up and become a butcher.

I first read Evanovich in The Heist which she co-wrote with Lee Goldberg and I sort of 'fell in love'. Reading this book I almost feel I can pull The Heist into two parts - one for each author and both halves would still be pretty fantastic.

I came late to Evanovich as she has written 34 novels (this is the 20th Stephanie Plum - hence the title) and has sold 75 million copies worldwide - so everyone else seems to be reading her already!

With tons of humour and impossible deeds, beautiful characters and almost constant action these books must appeal to almost anyone that can read. And sex? No... but plenty of attraction and innuendo that just makes things funnier.

Publisher - Headline
Genre - Adult thriller

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  1. I started reading Stephanie Plum years ago - with the first books - and loved them. But after a while I found they became too predictable and some of them weren't as funny as the very early ones. Haven't read her books for years now - may be time to give her another read!

    1. I have found that with Pratchett's Discworld Nicky... but I still can't resist every new one!

  2. This has got to be a first...THE HEIST leading someone to discover Janet Evanovich! You're in for a real treat, 19 Plum novels you get to experience for the first time. Be sure to make time for THE CHASE, the next Fox & O'Hare book, which comes out Feb 25th

    1. The Heist made my top books of 2013 - the most fun you can get between covers I reckon. I shall certainly be watching out for The Chase. (And Janet's back catalogue!)