Monday, 24 March 2014

Bubble by Anders de la Motte

review by Maryom

In this, the final part of the Game Trilogy, HP and his sister Rebecca  are trying to finally work out who is behind The Game - and stop them. Cutting their way through the lies and deceit is easier said than done. Old family friend, Uncle Tage, a person with mysterious Government contacts and influence, appears to be helping Rebecca, both career-wise and in uncovering a mystery relating to her father's past, but is he the dependable supportive old friend he claims to be or is he manipulating Rebecca for his own purposes? HP meanwhile is caught in a position where he sees conspiracy all around him and doesn't know who to trust at all. He's arrested on terrorist charges, believes his new neighbours are there solely to spy on him, gets involved with a group intending to blow up the company believed to be behind the Game - all in all an average sort of week for HP! He believes that in all he does, he's acting of his own free will, but maybe he too is being controlled more than he realises? As events move towards a climatic ending, with threats of terrorist action at a royal wedding, both HP and Rebecca have some hard choices to make.

If you've read the first two novels, Game and Buzz, you'll know that The Game progressed from fun, but dangerous, pranks to a behind the scenes conspiracy intent on controlling public opinions. Bubble brings this trilogy to an excellent close with twists, turns and double-crosses galore. There are hints at the Game's involvement in everything from the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme to the insidious shaping of public opinion to support its backers' policies. I tried my best to keep track of who I thought were the good guys and who the bad, but found it nigh on impossible.

For anyone who loves a bit of conspiracy theory this series is a must! It's best, though, to treat the trilogy as one long novel, as plunging straight into Bubble would probably make very little sense.

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher -
Harper Collins (Blue Door)

Genre - adult, crime,
conspiracy theory

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