Monday, 17 March 2014

Heaven's Waiting Room by Clare Wilson

Review by The Mole

Portia is having a funny summer - time is dragging, nothing is happening and no-one is speaking to each other. Then Mary comes along and breaks the news to her - she's dead. All those worries about whether to go to university, what was happening between her parents and the bothers of a younger sister suddenly dissolve to be replaced by more stressing issues that being dead brings. Why was she still hanging around her house? When and how did she die? What are the rules for afterlife on earth and how does she fill her time in eternity?

Heaven is full and there's no space for the number of souls trying to get in. A tale of bad management - someone needs to say something - a story that is at times light hearted,  sad, tense, terrifying but always gripping. Not a book (in my opinion) for when you are down but certainly when you want something lighter to read and enjoy a bit of fantasy. Something that I find disturbing in a lot of books is the impression that the afterlife is better than real life but here we find it may not be that way at all.

I was looking for something light after several excellent psychological thrillers and found it in this lovely book.

Genre - Fantasy, YA

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