Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Frightfully Friendly Ghosties - Phantom Pirates by Daren King

Review by The Mole

Pamela has organised a holler-day for the frightfully friendly ghosties only nothing has been done properly. They find themselves accidentally stowing away on a ghost pirate ship that has set off a-pirating to catch a still-alive cruise ship. Unfortunately there is a still-alive boy accidentally stowed away too. Can the frightfully friendly ghosties save the day?

Maryom reviewed the third of the Frightfully Friendly Ghosties books and gave it five stars. Well this time I thought I would jump in and see what I thought. I can honestly say that these ghosties are not only frightfully friendly but they are great fun and a delight to read. Pamela, the reluctant hero, tells the story and hardly epitomises ghosts. They are all a bit blundering, kind, peace loving and, well, friendly. The presentation and language used is great for the early reader audience it is aimed at and the black and white illustrations complement the story beautifully.

A really excellent Hallowe'en read for children (and why not adults too?).

There is now an omnibus edition of the first three stories available:- "Frightfully Friendly Ghosties", "Ghostly Holler-day", "School of Meanies"

Publisher - Quercus
Genre - childrens, paranormal

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