Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Princess Katie's Kittens - Suki in the Snow by Julie Sykes

Review by The Mole

Princess Katie is about to go on a skiing holiday and is leaving the kittens behind at the palace. Well that's the intention but Suki seems to have other plans. A skiing holiday will mean lots of fun making igloos, seeing reindeer, riding sleighs and, of course, skiing. When Suki is found in Katie's rucksack then it seems the holiday just got a whole lot better! Or did it?

One very much for young girl early readers this is peppered throughout with black and white drawings of kittens, skiing, sleigh rides, snow and much more that complement the story and has chapters of around 14 pages. Perhaps confident readers for the 5 and 6 age group and straight forward for the older princesses? The pictures are cute and the language is simple and clear and is sure to delight young cat lovers.

The back of the book has a competition and puzzles and a link to a website where more fun activities can be found.

I am sure these cute stories will find a young fan club and the books will make fantastic presents.

Publisher - Piccadilly Press
Genre - Early Reader 5+, Fiction

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